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Une became aware that Chastity was actually in love with someone, and not, as she'd originally believed, just in herself, and not, she was less pleased to discover with Une, but with a black woman she'd met before she'd come to stay in the countryside. Chastity's intention was to go and live with this other woman in another part of the country where she described a life of naked frolics and passionate lovemaking. Une wondered what was so different about their own amorous activities, but she'd lived long enough to be aware that affairs of the heart were less to do with what was done but how it felt to do it.Chastity was also very concerned about Innocence. She confessed that she felt that her current unhappiness might very well be Chastity's own fault. She had introduced her sister to incest, lesbianism and a host of lovers. Some of these lovers Une knew - they had somehow passed her path before - but Une wasn't at all sure why that should be a problem.
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