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Not long after Twelve moved in, a friend of hers, also from the big city, came to stay at Une's home. This girl was of oriental background with the undeniably exotic name of Ching. Ching was a smaller girl than Twelve with a slender waist and breasts that were more just aureate pink bumps on her chest. However what she lacked in endowment she compensated for by a brashness that easily exceeded that of Twelve. Her own dildo was held on by rings pierced around her anus and vagina and was of exaggerated dimensions, more than a foot in length. Her hair was completely shaved off except for a little tail of hair dyed an incongruous golden colour flicking over her shoulders. She made no attempt to disguise the flatness of her breasts and in fact was habitually naked except for her dildo, petite golden sandals and an ankle-ring.
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